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Bunny Plane Massacre


3 friends and me made this game during a weekend for a Ludum Dare GameJam.

The theme was “An Unconventional Weapon” so in the end we settled for a moose flying a biplane, dropping fridges, haybales and his family on a bunch of rabbits who are coming for his carrot patches. The plane itself is also quite effective at mowing down the pesky rodents.

It’s all made in Unity3D. My parts were the modelling and some of the texturing.

Scroll down to try the game out yourself!

bpm mainbpm_0003_Layer 32bpm_0002_Layer 2

You can either play it in your browser…or download the stand-alone Windows version.

(Just unrar it anywhere and run the executable)

About Me




My name is Maran van Brakel.

I’m a 3D developer with an interest in hard-surface modelling and rendering.

Currently I am working as 3D Artist and Lead Ship Developer for Vstep, heading the creation and integration of ships into a nautical simulator.


I followed an education in 3D and Graphic Design at the GLR in Rotterdam from which I graduated in 2008.

My main experience lies in working with 3DsMax, Photoshop and several rendering packages including Mental Ray, Vray and Corona,

although I can find my way around in other programs like Illustrator etc. without problem.

Also, I have experience with game engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Unigine and Quest3D.


If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a reply below or send an email to


Download CV (English)

Download CV (Nederlands)



ps. The piggy is not mine!


 Modelled in 3DsMax and rendered with Vray.

A big thank you to for providing some of the textures and helping me getting the hang of working with Vray.