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My name is Maran van Brakel.

I’m a 3D developer with an interest in hard-surface modelling and rendering.

Currently I am working as 3D Artist and Lead Ship Developer for Vstep, heading the creation and integration of ships into a nautical simulator.


I followed an education in 3D and Graphic Design at the GLR in Rotterdam from which I graduated in 2008.

My main experience lies in working with 3DsMax, Photoshop and several rendering packages including Mental Ray, Vray and Corona,

although I can find my way around in other programs like Illustrator etc. without problem.

Also, I have experience with game engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Unigine and Quest3D.


If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a reply below or send an email to contact@maran3d.nl


Download CV (English)

Download CV (Nederlands)



ps. The piggy is not mine!

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